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403-638-7423 (storage, moving, delivery, hauling, renovations)

West Sundre Industrial Park - Sundre, AB

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Serving Red Deer - Edmonton - Calgary Ab & Areas
CALL: 1-877-355-6731
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ALBERTA MOBILE STORAGE - We will deliver anywhere in Alberta  ...This includes Red deer, Edmonton, Calgary and other Alberta location  ...We are an authorized Alberta based Mobile Onsite Mini-Storage (MOMS) dealer  ...We are your complete solution to storing your goods while moving, renovating, de-cluttering, home staging for a real estate sale, doing restoration or an other insurance repair, or just storing your goods temporarily for any personal reason  ...Our specialty is storage - mobile storage  ...Mobile storage is storage that is temporary) stored goods in a mobile trailer on wheels)


* Our mobile storage units hold up to 686 cubic feet and are easily moved between any locations by Alberta Mobile storage.
* The Alberta Mobile Storage system is an easy and convenient way for you to store your personal belongings for any period of time.
* You only need to load and unload your mobile storage unit once - allowing you to load at your leisure at your place
* Once loaded, you can store the unit at your place, the Alberta Mobile Storage secure storage yard or anywhere else convenient
* Access to unit at secure storage yard available through appointment.
* Units are solid, secure, attractive and can be placed almost anywhere
* Translucent roof makes units light and bright to work in.
* Rent is paid month-to-month starting on the actual day of delivery.
* Units can be transported by Alberta Mobile Storage fully loaded.
* Quick easy load and unload of content into and out of the unit once delivered by Alberta Mobile Storage.
* The approximate size is 7' wide by 14" deep (98 square feet) and 7" high (686 cubic feet). 

1. Call the number in your location - Red Deer, Edmonton, Calgary or use our toll-free number ...(See numbers above or below)
2. Tell us what you need  ...Are you moving?  ...Are you de-cluttering?  ...Are you renovating?  ...Some combinations.
3. We will tell you what the pricing is for your particular location plus delivery fees  ...Have your credit card available for payment upon delivery.
4. We will take your delivery details and location information and will schedule our normal 24 hour delivery  ...If you have any urgent delivery requirements, we will do our best to accommodat those.
5. We will deliver as scheduled to the agreed upon location.
6. Following that, once your unit is ready and if you have elected to store your unit in our yard, you will need to call us to schedule a time to pick it up.

Serving Red Deer - Edmonton - Calgary Ab & Areas
CALL: 1-877-355-6731 (storage, delivery, hauling, moving, renovations)